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Neumorphism Experiment

Year: 2023  Like (4)

A small experiment on creating several elements in the trendy neumorphism style.

Night Cloud Experiment

Year: 2023  Like (12)

This is a small experiment in which we created a night sky with moving clouds.

Infinity for hair.ru UX/UI Design

 hair.ru/infinity Year: 2023  Like (28)

The hair care brand CONCEPT has introduced a capsule collection called Infinity. Our task was to devise how the section of the website dedicated to this collection should look and function.

Advanced web application UX/UI Design

Year: 2023  Like (26)

An advanced web application allows performing actions with complex entities such as individuals, legal entities, notarial powers of attorney, real estate, land plots, mortgage agreements, pledges, and others.

The website of Green Automation Company

 www.greenautomation.ru Year: 2023  Like (13)

Green Automation provides services for automating waste processing plants. The company has extensive experience in delivering automation services to enterprises across various industrial sectors.

The logo of Green Automation Company

Year: 2023  Like (11)

Green Automation Company has extensive experience in producing not only automation solutions based on third-party products but also manufacturing its own electronic components. Therefore, in the logo, we wanted to subtly allude to this fact.

UX/UI Design for the Biotin section on the hair.ru website

 hair.ru Year: 2023  Like (7)

The company Concept produces professional hair care products. For the products in the Biotin Secret line, we have developed a special visual catalog on the website. In this section, the entire site is colored in the brand's signature color, with accents focused on the key benefits of the products in the line.

Mobile App Corporative Taxi UX/UI Design

Year: 2023  Like (12)

Industrial enterprises often own their own fleet of cars. Frequently, executives' vehicles sit idle, awaiting assignments, while regular employees are compelled to use buses for work-related errands. The Corporate Taxi App helps maximize the utilization of the entire corporate transport fleet throughout the workday and beyond.

Website of the metal structures manufacturer BNK Technology

 www.bnktech.ru Year: 2022  Like (35)

The BNK Technology plant offers services for the design, manufacturing, and installation of metal products of any scale. A small, vibrant website helps BNK Technology employees quickly and easily present their activities on the go.

Website of the trailer manufacturing plant TAVIALS

 www.tavials.ru Year: 2022  Like (57)

The company TAVIALS manufactures and sells trailers for passenger cars. The new website helps customers to choose and order the perfect trailer from a computer screen, tablet or phone. The website also helps to build a comfortable communication with the plant's partners. The product catalog is automatically synchronized with the internal databases and services of the plant.

The logo of the modern metal processing company BNK Technology

Year: 2022  Like (85)

A modern factory built from scratch in the Far Eastern region. It has its own design department, as well as 2 powerful workshops for cutting and processing metal. BNK Technology produces metal products that are in demand in the shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, and aviation industries.

Website of the Nanotechnology Laboratory FNTLab

 www.fntlab.ru Year: 2021  Like (67)

FNTLab — laboratory of functional nanomaterials technology conducts research in the field of synthesis of nanomaterials, creation of prototypes of devices and elements of micro- and nano-electronics, development of new materials. On the website, it is especially important to adequately show the team, equipment and capabilities of the nanotechnology laboratory.

Logo of the IT-company API4AI

Year: 2021  Like (31)

The company is developing a unique service that implements advanced graphic image processing at the intersection of artificial intelligence algorithms machine learning and cloud technologies.

Website of the BNK Logistics company

 www.bnkl.ru Year: 2021  Like (55)

Website of a logistics company specializing in the delivery of products from the EU and China. Vector illustrations of logistics themes set an easy and friendly tone of communication with potential customers, and they also looks great.

Logo of Nanotechnology Laboratory FNTLab

Year: 2020  Like (53)

A logo for a high-tech company whose equipment fleet contains the tools for creating and analyzing nanoscale structures.

Website of the IT-company Integrated Software Solutions

 www.kopr.ru Year: 2020  Like (41)

The website presents the activities of the IT-company, technologies, approaches to work, tells about its own products, which have been successfully implemented to a leaders like Rosreestr, Sberbank, Gazprom, Alrosa and others.

Multilingual website of Grain company providing industrial automation services

 www.grainautomation.com Year: 2020  Like (88)

Grain company provides industrial automation services for elevators and other facilities on the international market.

The second version of the Leader Plus towbar factory website

 www.leader-plus.ru Year: 2020  Like (85)

Leader Plus is one of the largest manufacturers of towbars for cars in Russia. A huge catalog of products is always up to date. It is synchronized daily with all internal services of the plant responsible for sales, marketing and engineering.

The corporate website of the Zavod MIR company with a large product catalog

 www.zavod-mir.ru Year: 2020  Like (54)

The product catalog contains hundreds of items of hardware products. Each item with drawings, photos, detailed description.

Corporate website and product catalog of the DATAMICRO

 www.datamicro.tech Year: 2019  Like (82)

DATAMICRO company is engaged in the implementation of projects in the field of network technologies, and is also the official supplier of HMS/IXXAT equipment in Russia.

Website of the residential complex More-Park

 www.more-park.su Year: 2019  Like (105)

The residential complex "More-Park" is located in the Primorsky Park of Taganrog on the shore of the Sea of Azov. It consists of 3 houses of various storeys from 5 to 16 floors.

Corporate website of the Profstroy construction company with a catalog of completed objects

 profstroy.spb.ru Year: 2019  Like (60)

It is especially important for construction companies to adequately demonstrate their list of references. The website of Profstroy company perfectly solves this problem.

Corporate website and portfolio of Global Win

 www.globalwin.ru Year: 2019  Like (58)

The site was created for the presentation of the company, the list of services and photos of completed projects.

Global Win company logo

Year: 2019  Like (20)

Global Win company designs, manufactures and installs glass, aluminum and PVC profile products for homes, offices and shopping and office centers.

Corporate website of the Taganrog Hardware Plant with a catalog of aviation fasteners

 www.1tmz.ru Year: 2019  Like (41)

A bright and memorable website of the Taganrog Hardware Plant with a catalog of fasteners for the aviation industry.

Corporate website of the representative of Globisens digital laboratories

 www.globisens.ru Year: 2019  Like (91)

The website of the representative office of the international company Globisens, a manufacturer of digital laboratories, software and educational laboratory equipment.

The second version of the travel company's website sudakov.travel

 sudakov.travel Year: 2018  Like (117)

The second version of the website is a logical evolution of the first. The appearance, logic and technical platform of the showcase and order process have been completely redesigned.

Website of the developer in the field of artificial intelligence IT company CVisionLab

 www.cvisionlab.com Year: 2018  Like (188)

CVisionLab is an international company with 2 offices in the South of Russia, a team of developers under a hundred people and the best reviews in the industry. For an enterprise operating at the forefront of science and technology, in the field of artificial intelligence, it is especially important to simply and easily talk about its truly rich possibilities.

Website of the Graphics advertising agency

 www.grafica.ru Year: 2018  Like (93)

Graphics is the leading advertising agency of the Rostov region, which has 25 years of successful experience in the market.

Website of the manufacturer of premium building materials Desir de Luxe

Year: 2018  Like (18)

Desir de Luxe company carries out comprehensive works on the supply and application of premium-class plaster mixtures in the entrances and apartments of residential complexes.

The logo of the manufacturer of premium building materials Desir de Luxe

Year: 2018  Like (29)

Desir de Luxe company performs complex works on the supply and application of premium-class plaster mixes in the entrances and apartments of residential complexes.