The logo of Green Automation Company

Year: 2023  Like (11)

Green Automation Company has extensive experience in producing not only automation solutions based on third-party products but also manufacturing its own electronic components. Therefore, in the logo, we wanted to subtly allude to this fact.

The logo of the modern metal processing company BNK Technology

Year: 2022  Like (85)

A modern factory built from scratch in the Far Eastern region. It has its own design department, as well as 2 powerful workshops for cutting and processing metal. BNK Technology produces metal products that are in demand in the shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, and aviation industries.

Logo of the IT-company API4AI

Year: 2021  Like (31)

The company is developing a unique service that implements advanced graphic image processing at the intersection of artificial intelligence algorithms machine learning and cloud technologies.

Logo of Nanotechnology Laboratory FNTLab

Year: 2020  Like (53)

A logo for a high-tech company whose equipment fleet contains the tools for creating and analyzing nanoscale structures.

Global Win company logo

Year: 2019  Like (20)

Global Win company designs, manufactures and installs glass, aluminum and PVC profile products for homes, offices and shopping and office centers.

The logo of the manufacturer of premium building materials Desir de Luxe

Year: 2018  Like (29)

Desir de Luxe company performs complex works on the supply and application of premium-class plaster mixes in the entrances and apartments of residential complexes.