I created my first website back in 2003

It was a very simple and pretty corporate website of a company that was engaged in the sale of metal.

At that time, the formation of my main profile began — the creation of corporate websites, their maintenance and comprehensive development. Graphic design, and first of all, the creation of logos and corporate identity, printed catalogs and brochures, electronic presentations, has become another area in which I have succeeded a lot.

The photo shows a website made in 2003

These are the sites I made many years ago. It is remarkable that with this client we made 2 versions of their website — in 2003 and then a redesign in 2005. The screen of a modern iPad is too big for this site.

Most often, I am asked to create corporate websites, online stores or online production support systems. I am often asked to develop a logo and corporate identity. My strength is that I am ready to solve complex technical problems, while providing a high level of design.

It is typical when, after the completion of the project, my customers continue to cooperate in projects for the maintenance and development of the created systems. We made a logo, then a corporate identity, then a website, then support and development of the website, creation of printed catalogs and banners for exhibitions, business cards, letterheads, etc.

Any of my projects is a strictly verified plan with absolutely clear deadlines and cost of work. That is why it is convenient for our clients to work with me, and that is why my clients stay with me for years.