The finished project is just the top of the iceberg

What will the future project look like? Which functions will be available to site visitors, and which to the owner? Where can I get materials for filling the site? How will they appear on the site? The project's success depends on competent answers to these and other questions.

Technologies, in our understanding, are not only the programming languages that we use in development, but rather the approaches on which everything is based.


Development technology

Helping you solve these problems, we have come up with a development technology. A set of actions and their sequence, when at any moment it is known what is being done right now, what has already been done, and what still needs to be done. And all this is known even before the contract is signed and any work begins to be carried out.

The development of any project consists of 3 large stages that take approximately the same time in the development process — these are design, programming and filling the site with materials.



Design is often perceived as a creative component of the project, and this is partly true, but only partly. For us, design is the process of thoughtful design of the future site. Before anything is done, we discuss exactly what tasks this or that page of the site should solve. We decide which blocks should be present, discuss their priority and importance.

Having significant experience in developing projects of varying complexity, we are always happy to advise you something, to offer the best answer to a particular question. There is a responsible person behind every decision — nothing is done for nothing.



We understand very well that each company is unique, each has its own characteristics. If it seems that two companies are absolutely similar, then you can be 100% sure that it only seems.

The websites of companies also differ in many ways despite the general similarity. That is why we divide the programming stage into 2 parts — the integration of ready-made solutions and the development of specific functionality that distinguishes your future site from all others, demonstrating your main advantages.


Working with text materials

Text an graphic materials for the site are needed at the last stage. Despite this, we suggest that you start creating materials from the very beginning of the project. After all, you are the very person who knows the specifics of your activity in the smallest detail and really cares about the result. At the same time, we are well aware that there is a huge list of circumstances that do not allow you to fully immerse yourself in this work and we are always happy to support you in this work. In our portfolio there are projects that consist entirely of materials created in our design studio. And, of course, our specialists will take on all the tasks of placing materials on the new website.


Website support and getting the visitors

Upon completion of the development project, we will definitely offer you our support and services to attract visitors to the site. It often happens that we have been supporting and developing the projects we have created for many years. But we never insist and from the very beginning we do everything so that you can do a wonderful job without our help.


And more

Often our clients ask us for something unusual. Help in organizing a contest or advertising campaign, make a branded pen for an exhibition or just a beautiful notebook. For many years we have accumulated experience in many related industries. We have developed dozens of the most worthy logos, corporate styles, posters. And always before we start working, we create a detailed plan that always leads to a great result. We have created technologies that help to create the best, and this is one of our main achievements.