Projects with hourly payment

An ideal technical specification with clearly formulated works, described functionality and comments is a real myth. And if you can still hope for such a specifications for typical projects, then in the case of projects with a high degree of uniqueness, this is really myth. Even if such a specification exists, it is always useless, because it has been written for a long time and it is no longer relevant, either it describes everything not so clearly and unambiguously, or it does not describe something very important and significantly affecting the scope of work.

For such situations, we offer a reasonable solution with payment by the hour. There are 4 price options from $30 to $75 per 1 hour. We can do the same amount of work faster, and in this case every hour is more expensive, or slower, then we will get to save money.


30 $/hour

Operating mode: 8 hours per week.


40 $/hour

Operating mode: 15 hours per week.


60 $/hour

Operating mode: 25 hours per week.


75 $/hour

Operating mode: 40 hours per week.



We provide a detailed report for all the performed works. It shows how much time was spent and what exactly has done. This report is always available online and you can control the work performed and costs at any time.