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Logo creation workflow

6 verified steps to the perfect result.




Step 1
Pencil sketch

At the first step, we create at least 15 pencil or computer sketches. We ask you to choose 3 favorites. We will continue work with them on the second step.





Step 2
Clarifying pencil sketches

3 favorites were selected at the previous step. Perhaps some comments or suggestions have been formulated. At the second step, we prepare sub-variants for each favorite, taking into account the formulated comments.



Step 3
Computer sketches

On the 2nd iteration, 3 favorites were selected again. But one thing is a sketch made with a pencil, and another is drawn on a computer in a graphic editor. We prepare sub-variants for each favorite from the 2nd step.





Step 4
Little things

We are finally working out the form of the brand mark and the company font.





Step 5
Color solution

Various color options for the logo are being worked out at this step.






Step 6

This stage is more technical. It is intended to prepare the logo in all the necessary formats to use. It is also prepared the final documentation for the logo.






How much does it cost to develop a logo?

Logo development takes 39 hours, which we can work out faster or slower.


$1 170

Development time: 5 weeks
Price per hour: $30


$1 638

Development time: 3 weeks
Price per hour: $42


$2 340

Development time: 2 weeks
Price per hour: $60


$2 925

Development time: 1 week
Price per hour: $75





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